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Before departure

2/1/2006 - Yet another good-bye party. We've started questioning our decision to drive 15,000 miles... We're having a blast here, so why go somewhere else? Pay special attention to the present that we received from our dear friend Alexis (bottom right photo).

Pan-American team photo

1/30/2006 - Here she is - $2600 later runs as good as new. No word from Nissan though :-((

Pan-American team photo

1/26/2006 - The car is still in the garage and the bill keeps on rising from the initial $1000 estimate to $2000, and now to almost $3000. Apparently 4WD transfer case went out and mechanics can not put it back together. If you are working for Nissan Motors Corporation and reading this message, your generous financial support would be very much appreciated. The start is still scheduled for February 1st..

1/19/2006 - We have not started yet, but managed to break our reliable Nissan already :-) Today she started making terrible noises, like a washing machine full of coins, bolts, etc. After a short visual inspection we have determined that all four wheels are still attached to the vehicle and not knowing what to do next took it to the local Nissan dealer. Outrageous bill expected in next couple days :-)))

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