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Day 17: Everything Is Big in Chichen-Itza

February 24, 2006

It doesn't take long to notice that, with few exceptions, the cities and towns of Yucatan are very different from the old colonial Mexico we have left behind. Archeological ruins aside, the whole peninsula has a pervading sense of newness. Fast food franchises, giant supermarkets and luxurious hotels have almost completely replaced the traditional "taquerillas", the little charming convenience stores (typically called "Mini Super" :)), and the tiny roadside "posadas" (inns). Even the highly recommended Merida did not seem worth more than a quick glance: "the peculiar mixture of the old and the new" had its traditional part either well hidden or didn't have it at all, but we failed to find it. The same applied to Progreso: all it had to offer was a nice panorama of the gulf coast, cheap Internet, and a more local ambiance, as the major tourist flow obviously headed to Cancun. The rough sand and overall not-so-very-clean beaches, however, did not look very inviting for sunbathing or swimming (there might be nicer beaches outside the town).
Hence, seriously risking to overdose but being left with no better choice we resumed the ruin "project" and went straight to Chichen-Itza.

Without a doubt, Yucatan's biggest, best known and most advertised Chichen-Itza gets a "wow" from every visitor, but not necessarily for the archeological grandness of the once-great Maya city remains. Its convenient location (only 125 miles/ 200 km from Cancun and only some 75 miles/ 120 km from Merida) makes Chichen-Itza a mandatory part of probably every beach lovers' itinerary. Huge crowds are inevitable. Chichen-Itza also beats all other ruins by number of loud and offten annoying souvenir traders who are all over the place, including the inside of the site. The constant buzz of people buying, selling, bargaining; tour guides trying to talk louder than the handicraft traders, and screaming children running around have turned this archeological site into a huge chaotic bazaar.

We left Chichen-Itza completely exhausted but hopeful that the white sand paradise of Cancun would soothe our drained souls.

Practicalities: Admission to Uxmal and Chichen-Itza USD 9.50 plus USD 1 parking fee. All "minor" ruins USD 3 and parking is free.

Tip #1: In case you are shopping for Mayan handicrafts and souvenirs, Chichen-Itza is probably the best place in terms of both: price and selection. Don't forget to bargain and in most cases you'll cut the price in half.

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When shopping for Mayan handicrafts, Chichen-Itza is probably the best place

mayan masks

Chichen-Itza - geriausia vieta pirkti unikaliems ranku darbo meno dirbiniams


Mask production in progress

the guy who looks like niehl

Taip drozinejamos kaukes

Traditional handmade Mayan gowns...ain't that pretty?!

mayan gowns

Tradicines rankom siuvinetos Maju sukneles

The ruins of something :)

Kazkokie griuvesiai :)

Group of One Thousand Columns

Group of One Thousand Columns

Tukstancio kolonu grupe (pazodinis pavadinimo vertimas)

The Gate Keeper (the Key Master is behind the camera :))

serpent head

Gyvate - simbolinis Chichez-Itza miesto vartu sargas


The major pyramid

Main pyramid - El Castillo

Didziausia piramide

Gate keepers are popular in Chichen-Itza :)

Entrance guarded by serpents

Gyvates saugo kiekviena Chichen-Itza iejima

Every skull represents a cut-off head of an enemy


Kiekviena kaukuole simbolizuoja nudobta priesa

Nuvesk pelyte virs paveiksliuko, spustelk jos kaire ausele, ir paveiksliukas padides

17-oji diena: Senoves cecenu pedsakai Jukatane?

2006 m. vasario 24

Reikia pamineti, kad nei miestai, nei kaimeliai Jukatane nei is tolo neprilygsta musu anksciau pravaziuotoms meksikieciu gyvenvietems, zavejusioms tradicijomis, istorija, kultura bei architektura - tiek savaja, tiek kolonijine. Visi iki vieno (iskaitant visu isgirta Merida ir jos pasoneje isikurusi kurortini Progreso miesteli, kuriame nakvojom) - palyginti nauji, nebutinai grazus, ir visai nebutinai tvarkingi. Netrukom suprasti, kad Jukatane reikia ieskoti ne Meksikos, o Maju, ka toliau ir darysim.

Chichen-Itza - ko gero, didziausias Jukatane islikes Maju "griuvesis" (be ispudingo aukscio piramidziu, yra dar net apie 30 ivairios paskirties pastatu). Gal butu ir ispudingiausias, bet jau turistu, turistu…. O suvenyru ir rankdarbiu pardaveju - ko gero, po 2 kiekvienam turistui, be to, ikyrus, kaip kokie turkai (kitur Meksikoje suvenyru pardavejai labai mandagus ir beveik nepastebimi). Turejes buti "paslaptingiausias is visu griuvesiu", Chichen-Itza primine didziuli turgu. I tokias vietas kaip Uxmal ir Chichen-Itza reiktu vaziuoti nebent labai anksti ryte, kol po naktiniu gastroliu isvarge poilsiautojai dar miega. Karstis dienos metu, beje, irgi zudantis.

Jau sutemus privaziuojam Kankuna (Cancun). Pirmiausia planuojam patikrinti vietinio smelio minkstuma, o rytoj - detalus reportazas is bene populiariausio Meksikos kurorto.

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