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Day 53: Dude, Where Is My Car?

April 1, 2006

It would have been just another lovely morning in Nicaragua, if not for the Nissan - we woke up and saw that the car was no longer where we left it last night! In other words, it was gone. We could hardly believe our eyes: all our personal belongings were neatly piled up on the sidewalk in front of our hotel, while the car had disappeared without a trace...
At the Central Police Station of Granada everybody was very friendly and talkative. About 30 cars get stolen in the city every day, so our Nissan is no big surprise... However, the officers were extremely kind and opened a special case for our missing car, and even wrote down our phone number in Lithuania - in case some day they have any news about the car and need to contact us (How nice of them! Calling Lithuania from these countries is generally very expensive!)

As bad as it gets, we are not moving forward without our Nissan! By now our travel buddy is much more than just a car, so leaving it kidnapped somewhere in the middle of Nicaragua is completely out of the question! We'll stay here as long as it takes to find the Nissan (or buy a new vehicle... ) Luckily, the very same day we find new exciting jobs! Dovi pretends she can cook and manages to get hired by a local restaurant for a position of the Litho-Nicaraguan-potato-dumpling-with-rice-and-beans filling specialist (will sound like a complete disaster to all Lithuanians... sorry guys, gotta obey the local cuisine requirements - no meal is a good meal without rice and beans!). At the same time, Zee starts selling ice-cream and lemonade on the streets of Granada.
The first day of employment was not too bad at all: the The Nicos seemed to eagerly accept potatoes into their daily diets of rice-and-beans, while ice-cream and lemonade went fast in the hot weather. If it continues like that, we expect to afford a new car within a year or two! :)

Continue checking back for more detailed account of our new life in Granada!

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The views of Granada

Granada, Nicaragua

Konservatoriu sostines vaizdeliai


Considering alternatives - crossing Andes in a horse-drawn carriage...

Granada, Nicaragua

Gal vietoj Nissano pirkti karieta su pora arkliuku?

Nuvesk pelyte virs paveiksliuko, spustelk jos kaire ausele, ir paveiksliukas padides

53-oji diena: Buna dienu lyg tycia

2006 m. balandzio 1

Tokiu dienu kaip siandien pasitaiko labai retai, ir aciu Dievui! Is ryto po viesbucio langais neberandame Nissano. Daiktai graziai sukrauti i kruvele ant saligatvio, o masinos - nei zenklo! Granados policija "paguodzia", kad per diena mieste pavagiama apie 30 masinu, todel Nissanui teiks stoti i ieskomu masinu eile. Uzsirase musu Lietuvos telefona, jei ras masina - butinai paskambins. Labai malonus zmones - ne kiekvienas svaistytu pinigus tarptautiniams skambuciams del tokio nereiksmingo dalyko, kaip be zinios dingusi turistu masina...

Tenka paskubomis keisti keliones plana. Kol laukiame ziniu apie masina, reikia kazkuo uzsiimti, todel ta pacia diena isidarbiname. Dovi vietiniame restorane pasisiulo virti modifikuotus lietuviskus cepelinus su ryziu ir pupu idaru, o Zi iseina i Granados gatves pardavineti ledu ir limonado. Pirmaja diena sekesi labai neblogai. Jeigu nikaragvieciai ir toliau taip zavesis cepelinais, valgys daug ledu, bei gers daug limonado, po metu-kitu galesime isigyti net ir nauja masina! :)

Skaitykite tolimesnius reportazus - papasakosime detaliau, kaip gyvename Nikaragvoje.

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