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Lietuvos veliavele zymi puslapius su informacija lietuviu kalba. Atsiprasome, kad del techniniu kliuciu negalime naudoti lietuvisku simboliu. Dar labiau atsiprasome, kad reportazai smarkiai veluoja - tikroji kelione jau baigesi, o elektronine - dar tik ipusejo. Prizadame pasitaisyti, ir tokiu ilgu "atostogu" nuo dienorascio, kokias sau suteikeme tarp Buenos Airiu ir Kauno, daugiau nebekartoti! Nuo siol zemelapyje ("Progress Indicator") matysite nebe kur esame (nes esame, ir dar kuri laika planuojame buti Kaune!), o kur buvome ta diena, kuria siuo metu aprasome dienorastyje.

Hello & Thank you for visiting our Go-Panamerican Web site!

There are some very special places in the world that as soon as you discover they exist you just know you have to go there. Just as if you somehow already belong there. As if you are already late, and you get butterflies in your stomach just from the thought of getting there one day…. Well, as of today, we have already been there for 6 months, and are still loving it! The closer the destination, the more unsure we become if we want this journey to ever end :)

Our Pan-American trip started on February 8, 2006 and ended on September 29, 2006. In slightly less than 8 months we drove across the following countries:


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We were here on May 24, 2006 :)
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Started in Newport Beach, California, USA (about 40 miles south of Los Angeles;
Then relatively quickly crossed Mexico (in 22 days, which is far from what you need for this big and very interesting country);
Continued rolling down through Guatemala; El Salvador; Honduras (including the Bay Islands - check out our special reports from Roatan!!);
Picked up speed again in Nicaragua, but got stuck for a week on the Islands of Solmentiname; which cut our time short in Costa Rica;
Eventually, spent way too much time in Panama looking for a cargo boat for shipping Pathy to Ecuador; and finally went through hell at the port of Guayaquil trying to get Pathy back from the very corrupted Ecuadorian customs.
From there, all went just perfect in Ecuador (including Islas Galapagos), as well as in Peru and the very cold Bolivia;
Later on we did some hopping between Chile and Argentina (lots of inevitable border crossings between the two countries in order to pass through Patagonia and reach "the end of the world" in Ushuaia);
We would have loved to keep on going south, but the road ended in Tierra del Fuego, so we had to make a U-turn and start driving back north;
Buenos Aires, Argentina was ideal for a break from the lots of driving we did across the deserted Patagonia… but the road kept calling, and we just had to carry on.
After quick detours to Paraguay and Uruguay, we went back to Buenos Aires, from where Pathy left for Hamburg, Germany;
Right after that we flew to Havana, Cuba and spent 10 days in the loving arms of Fidel;
The last stopover was in London before the final segment of the journey, the flight to Vilnius, Lithuania.

Total mileage: 27,197 miles (43,515km) across Central and South Americas.

We had been posting the news reports and photos all along the way, but then we had to make a rather long break from writing between Buenos Aires and Kaunas. We are happy to announce that the Diarios de Pathfinder are now back, so keep visiting our Web site, and we promise to make this journey across the New World an unforgettable adventure. Next thing you know, you will also be packing for a trip across the Americas! :)

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